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Survey 2: Carers, families and support people

This survey focuses on areas of the Draft Strategy we believe are particularly relevant to caring and support roles. Your responses will help us better understand where the priorities for action are in addressing the distinct and unique experiences of stigma and discrimination for this group.

This survey should take around 10 minutes to complete


For this survey we’d like you to reflect on your experience as a family member, unpaid carer or support person of someone with experience of mental ill-health, trauma, suicidality or distress.

The survey will ask you:

  • whether you personally have experienced stigma or discrimination on the basis of your caring/support role 
  • your thoughts on selected actions in the Draft National Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Strategy that are particularly relevant to the experiences of carers, families and support people 
  • if there are any actions missing from the Draft Strategy.

You do not have to answer every question. You can save your response and return to complete the survey at any time.

The survey questions include short summaries of content from the Draft Strategy, and references to specific action numbers and pages of the document. 

You may like to open a copy of the Draft Strategy in another window while you complete the survey, in case you would like to read about an action area in more detail.

You can navigate through the Draft Strategy by clicking the links in the table of contents, or by searching the text of the document (use ‘Ctrl+F’ (PC) ‘Command-F’ (Mac) on your keyboard).

If you would like to provide feedback on other actions in the Draft Strategy, you can also complete Survey 1: Feedback on proposed actions.

If you have any questions about the topic, or feel sad, upset or concerned during or after the survey, you can access support and information via the organisations listed on the Commission's Find Support webpage.